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 The New York Times Company Group. U.S.A.


Ask only 3 Questions and you will have your life picture in front of you with the help of one and only Shubhlabh Jyotish. Questioning to me is very much Easy


Guide Line to ask me Question 

NO Horoscope-NO Birth Detail. Require only questioner him/her self during time of Questioning.

Select the subject of question (do not mix 2 subjects or 2 questions in 1 question) Give me question detail in 4 to 5 line, cover all detail requires to answer you. Think the question you have prepared to ask me! Give me the 1st number comes in your mind Between 1 to 25 only. Give me only 1st number comes in your mind. With ought giving me to number, I cannot reply to your question.  Do not give the number you like-give only 1st no come in your mind to get a right answer. 

When you ask me a Question for Marriage Do writes your age only. 

Note: Any one has no child & want to ask me a question regarding children. This time (HUSBOND & WIFE) both as to think question & give me 1st number come in his/her mind to get perfect Answer.

Send me your question by Email-ID:  Or chatting with me 

or you can ask me on Phone(INDIA)- 00919687948607 

For more detail do write me by email 

Cost of 3 question: Rs.325/- or $ 10/- or 6/- British Pound

OR Select one Topic as one Subject of Question & Discuss with me  – Get answer in detail with Remedies. 

Cost of 1 Topic: Rs.325/- or $ 10/- or 6/- British Pound

Subject to Bharuch Jurisdection